Menlo Logistics

Industrium’s challenge with Menlo was to revitalize a brand that was not broken, but that was not known as well as it should be. We had to remind people of the fact that Menlo is a leader in the industry. At Menlo, they were witnessing competitors stealing their thunder. In other words, they just weren’t telling their story, and it was our job to do it.

Industrium needed to re-establish Menlo’s brand position. They are a part of the Con-way family, but they’re different in their own right. They aren’t a trucking company. They’re a global 3PL. This was confusing to the marketplace, and they weren’t being considered for RFPs that they should have been. They had low levels of brand understanding, and at the end of the day, they needed more looks.

Industrium had to figure out what the Menlo brand stood for. We designed a brand audit to get to the heart of the matter. We did it on three continents and included executives from all corners of Con-way Inc., not just Menlo. It was 360-degree research work, both qualitative and quantitative.

What we found out was that Menlo wasn’t just innovative – they were more innovative than they ever thought. The things Menlo took for granted as industry standard or just in another day’s work were, in fact, cutting edge. And their Lean practices were state of the art.

The website is where we first broke the story out of the gate. We followed with print ads that were instantly engaging and that communicated the vision of a global 3PL player.

Through the research work and our ongoing partnership, together we were able to re-establish Menlo’s position as a leader in the face of global competition.

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